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Connection with divine sources




    The San Pedro or Wachuma thanks to its essence has guided our ancestors for thousands of years the permanent connection with the divine. This connection with the divine has served to heal the body and soul. The bluish-green cactus has always grown in the South American Andes, it can grow up to approximately 7 meters in height, with beautiful bell-shaped white flowers.

    Wachuma or San Pedro scientific name Trichocereus pachanaoi or Echinopsis pachanoi, is a species of cactus or master plant known among chmanes and healers as Wachuma, that in Quechua means dizzy or drunken, and known as San Pedro by the majority population. According to tradition, the name San Pedro was acquired from the saint who, according to the Catholic religion, carries the keys that open the doors of heaven and therefore opens the doors of the soul.


    The Wachuma or Huachuma in Peru is part of various magical and religious manifestations dating from pre-Columbian times with cultures such as: Chavín (1200 - 200 BC), Paracas (300 - 0 BC), Nazca (100 - 700 aC), Mochica (200 - 700 aC), Chimú (1,100 - 1,470 aC) and Inka (1,438 -1,532 aC); all this is reflected in the work in general (especially crafts). Its main objectives being healing and mystical use for links or means that connected man with different dimensions of the spiritual world. 




    San Pedro or Wachuma 1 diaSan Pedro or Wachuma 2 diasSan Pedro or Wachuma 3 diasSan Pedro o Wachuma + Ayahuasca 2 diasSan Pedro o Wachuma + Ayahuasca 4 diasAyahuasca in Manu National Park



    The ceremony of San Pedro or Wachuma is a ritual that is carried out by a Shaman or Andean Priest, who before the ceremony already has everything ready (especially the drink), all this is done accompanied by prayers and sung songs (icaros), can also be accompanied by different musical instruments. Usually the development of the ceremony is carried out in an open place, although it can also be carried out in closed places (sacred places such as mountains or ancient temples charged with energy). The shaman is in charge of initiating the ceremony, asking the spirit of the plant for permission through prayers and invoking guardian entities (mother earth, mountains, snow-capped mountains, ancestors, etc.). All this in order to satisfactorily guide the process of the participants.


    Due to the concentration of mescaline that the Wachuma or Huachuma (San Pedro) plant has, the body experiences a sensation of numbness in the manner of a drunkenness but in a full state of consciousness. Some dizziness can also occur, likewise the plant can act as a purgative inciting vomiting, although the latter does not necessarily happen in the majority.


    The main objective of this ceremony is to seek the mental, emotional and physical balance of the participant; Clear the fears and traumas that the person experiences during his life, the same that lead to psychological and physical alterations. Then, the person enters a state of meditation and connection, a process during which he is forced to face his deepest fears and traumas with the intention of finding a resolution for them.


    Anyone can participate in this ritual. The needs are diverse and the possibilities as well, that is; people who do not have a clear objective about their purpose in this world, people who suffer from some physical discomfort product of emotional trauma and / or psychologists, with addiction problems and anyone who wants to have some kind of experience of connection with oneself.



    The first step to face this experience is to be willing and perceptive that the teaching will come from another side. Teaching begins before the night of the ceremony and medicine continues indefinitely in time. The previous teaching begins with the changes in eating habits (it is better to stick to the guidelines if you want to avoid a bad time with the plant in the ceremony). The common goal of the diet is to purify your body and that the physical shock of taking Ayahuasca is not so stormy. The concoction purges and cleanses you, so the more contaminated your body is, the more it will feel the jolt of the purge.


    The diet is basically the following: do not eat red meat and the last two days it is suggested to avoid the intake of derivatives of any animal, do not eat processed foods, or irritants such as spicy or coffee, no alcohol, no recreational or pharmaceutical drugs, no dairy , no sex, rest the three days before the ceremony and maintain the diet the three days after for best results.